About Rosalind Hutton

I started taking pictures at an early age with my trusty OM10 Olympus camera and was winning awards at my local camera club from the age of 7. I won Boots' Young Photographer of The Year's award for the North West Region, where I grew up. My photographs have been published in Yachts & Yachting Magazine and also Hampshire - The County Magazine when I befriended Paul Cave, who used to run the publication from Bedford Place in Southampton.

I have always been interested in aesthetic value and studied art at A-Level followed by an evening course in Photography to strengthen my skills further. Nowadays, I use Canon Digital cameras having bought my first digital SLR from my Wedding Photographer (Richard Lines, an excellent photographer based in Ringwood, Hampshire)

I am a horse rider / owner myself, hence my love of equestrian photography in particular. Horses are beautiful animals and there is nothing more rewarding than portraying their spirit through photography. I used to follow my friend to cross country, Pony Club mounted games, shows, dressage and show jumping events and capture all the highs and lows of competitive riding.


"Getting it right when it matters most"

I am available for private hire or will attend shows and events for free, providing the website and services are advertised so competitors know where they can find pictures of themselves enjoying the day. Often companies and photographers end up using "helpers" to try and cover a number of show rings or to capture all the action, but just putting someone behind a good camera will not yield the best results. I work as a freelance photographer and am happy to work alongside other photographers, respecting their boundaries and capturing the day in my own style, producing high quality, professional images and extremely pleasing results for all involved. 

 Envisions.co.uk now has a facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/envisions1 

Please note I am happy for photos to be tagged / copied from the Envisions Facebook page.