Horse Shows


Special Events

I don't charge to photograph events or shows providing I can advertise my services. Please don't be put off if you need more than one photographer to cover all the action; I am happy to work alongside others and respect their boundaries.

Business cards will be offered to competitors with details of the website and all the images will be uploaded within 2-3 weeks of the event.

I also have banners I can display with website details so competitors know where they can find photos from the day.


Hire me to come to a football game or any sports match to take photos of an individual player, or the whole team. Prices depend on the event/work involved with a minimum cost of £25. Please feel free to contact me with your individual requirements.

Holding a corporate golf day or sporting charity event?

Have your sporting talent recorded through imagery.

Any private work up to a maximum of 3 hours, involves a call out fee of £25.00 and then an hourly rate of £10 per hour, within 30miles* of Southampton (*Please add 40p per mile for additional distances). The price includes post production costs and uploading the images to either a public or private gallery (your preference).

If you wish to purchase prints having already paid for the private work, a discount will be offered depending on the number of prints requested.  

I am happy to cover special or charity events, such as abseiling down the HSBC bank building in Southampton, where this lady was photographed.  

Some events I have photographed include school proms, weddings, parties, christenings and even dragon boat racing.