Terms & Conditions

In the following Terms & Conditions, “The Photographer” shall mean Rosalind Hutton and “The Client(s)” those named on a contract.  Please note the following terms and conditions are designed to protect both the Photographer and the Client to ensure the best possible working relationship.

The Photographer reserves the right to alter the Terms & Conditions without notice to ensure the best possible service is maintained, however, existing Client agreements will remain in accordance with the Terms & Conditions at the time of contract agreement.


Envisions.co.uk Website

Envisions.co.uk is not a registered Company or Business. It is a domain name selected for me to represent my images rather than using the traditional format of "XXX (Photographer's Initial's) Photography".

Rosalind Hutton/Envisions.co.uk owns the copyright and other intellectual property rights in all material and content on this website, which may not be used, downloaded, copied, published or otherwise make available by any other means without prior permission in writing. Photos displayed on the Envisions Facebook Page are permitted to be tagged/copied/shared etc.  

The 1988 Copyright Act assigns the copyright of the photographs to The Photographer. It is therefore contrary to the Act, and illegal, to copy photographs, or allow to be copied, by any means photographic or otherwise, by any person or machine other than by The Photographer(s) or their clients.

All the images displayed on the Envisions.co.uk website are the Photographer’s own work. The images displayed on the website are reduced in both size and quality in order to improve website speed. Any images purchased will use the the high resolution, high quality original images.

Rosalind Hutton reserves the right to display images at her discretion, although individual contracts will specify whether The Client(s) hereby allow(s) The Photographer to display any photograph covered by this contract and to generally promote the business in advertising, brochures, magazine articles and other such material, providing that the images used are used lawfully and without damage to The Client(s).

Not all the images displayed in portfolios on the Envisions.co.uk website are available for purchase. Some images were taken purely for artistic merit and are part of a private collection used solely for portfolio presentation.



The Photographer’s judgment and discretion regarding location, pose, artistic license, number of photographs taken (where applicable) etc. shall be deemed correct and in accordance with The Client(s) contract.

The Photographer’s equipment is checked and serviced regularly and therefore, The Photographer will not be responsible for photographs that are not produced due to technical failure, either at the shooting or processing stage.

The Photographer reserves the right to withhold selected images from a Client portfolio if they are deemed to be below quality standards, for whatever reason.

All images are professionally processed using Canon Software and minor enhancements are made to produce the best possible images for you, for no additional charge.

The images as displayed on the website, are reduced in quality and size to speed up the browser and therefore do not represent the true quality of the originals. The original high reolution, top quality images are used when printing. If you would like to see a specific image(s) in high quality, I can upload a watermarked version to a different web page where you have access to a lightbox. Please use the contact us page.


Image Colour

The colour of images may alter slightly depending on the specific photographic paper used, the size of images being printed and the time of printing. Prints made at different times or in different sizes may vary according to colour.  The Photographer will endeavour to ensure trhe best possible colour balance, although it is not always possible to digitally recreate exact colours as seen by the naked eye.



Payments should me made via cheque, Paypal or a direct bank transfer (BACS) with prior agreement between The Photographer and The Client(s)

Cheques should be made payable to Mrs R Hutton and sent to 38 Beaulieu Close, Southampton, SO16 8ED



A formal contract is not normally required, just a formal invite from the event organiser or a private client, magazine editor etc.

Should you require a contract, this can be raised to stipulate your specific requirements for each session according to your wishes.

If a booking deposit applies, this will be discussed with you and agreed as part of raising the contract.

Please use the “Contact Us” form if you would like to arrange a provisional booking or just talk about your specific needs.

Reduced print prices or discounts are usually discussed at the time of booking, however, discounts may also be offered at The Photographer’s discretion.


Delivery Via Royal Mail

Every effort is made to protect your images during transit by using reinforced envelopes clearly marked, “Photographs enclosed, please do not bend”, however; we accept no responsibility for damage to any photographs whilst in transit.


Force Majeure or Act of God

There may be rare occasions where a contract is subject to cancellation or re-arrangement by either The Photographer or the Client, due to forces beyond their control. In such instances, no cancellation fees will apply.


Governing Law

Any contract made between The Photographer(s) and The Client(s) shall in all respects be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and the parties hereto submit to jurisdiction of the English courts.



In the unlikely event of a complaint, these should be made in writing within 14 days of an event, occurance or purchase, which the complaint relates to. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be found, the complaint will be dealt with in accordance with English Law and the parties hereto submit to jurisdiction of the English courts.



In the event of a cancellation of a contract by either party, the liability of one party to the other shall be limited to the total value of the contract. Neither party shall be liable for indirect or consequential loss. Cancellation requests should be made in writing within 7 days of the contract due date.